The Poet Laureate’s hour of wonder at The Magic Tree every Tuesday…

Tuesday (25 April) brings another excellent session with the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, the inimitable Russell Eponym. At noon SLT we will gather under the branches of The Magic Tree to listen as Russell shares with us his marvelous Thought for the Day, beginning the weekly reading we cherish and enjoy with his warmth and wisdom. Always something important to ponder, the Thought for the Day that Russell shares sets us off on yet another magical hour.

The Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts – RUSSELL EPONYM

Russell always begins the reading early with several minutes of music that he has chosen from amongst some of the most talented of musicians. He collects fine music, just as he collects fine musical instruments – and books. Russell scours the shops for the very best and often finds many a treasure in antique shops and bookseller stalls wherever he happens to be in his travels. Often, he recounts a special find and shares some of the poetry or stories within – or plays a recording or his own rendition of music he has discovered. We always enjoy hearing the opening music he has chosen – and listening to additional songs he peppers throughout the hour. We have so enjoyed many of these musical explorations with Russell that we have purchased their music. Look for a posting regarding these finds this summer…

Most often, Russell chooses a theme for his readings, but even when it’s eclectic, the scope of what he brings us is both erudite and delightful. His humourous choices are more than charming and his more serious selections proffer opportunity for thought. Poetry and stories from the masters of history are often coupled with more modern writings – and they always fit together seamlessly under his exceptional talent for planning. We can tell that Russell tends the garden of his presentation with skill and care – and the result is a blossoming of beauty, every single time – without exception.

You are always welcome to join us at Ce Soir Arts, and one of the outstanding sessions with Russell at The Magic Tree Reading Spot is a perfect opportunity for enjoyment. Whether you are a familiar face at Ce Soir Arts or someone completely new to the sim (or to Second Life™), you will be glad you came round. Come…be inspired tonight!

See you – noon on Tuesday at The Magic Tree!

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