Marvelous Music at Château Ce Soir – 27 April…

It’s a marvelous night for a moondance – or it will be come Thursday at Château Ce Soir. Three fantastic musicians will share their talents with us for a night to remember.

To begin, our first-ever and longtime performer at Ce Soir Arts – the one-and-only Russell Eponym – will land on stage at 2 PM SLT to provide us with 90 minutes of nonstop fun and frolic, not to mention some fantastic musical entertainment! Russell plays multiple instruments including the 6- and 12-string guitar, harmonica, banjo, and even the kazoo with great skill. His unique finger-picking style is not duplicated anywhere, and it’s a delight as he plays songs from his extensive folk, blues, and beyond setlist. The list grows regularly and includes lovely compositions by Russell himself, along with music from the likes of Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler, Donovan, Lorena McKennit, and Simon & Garfunkel. His voice is like liquid velvet and we always have a wonderful time listening and chatting along with friends. The Eponymous Family is always well-represented, and it seems new people are often joining us as well. We enjoy beautiful love ballads and spritely humourous tunes with Russell and friends. All are welcome, and we’ll be happy to see you!

After a bit of a break for an early dinner, we come back all ready for some JAZZ FUSION with Baz. This creative musician, composer, and arranger always brings his A-game to the stage, and tonight will be a marvelous exploration of jazz fusion – Baz and his own interpretation of some of the best jazz ever. His fine ear and capacity to dive deeply into a song will provide us with an hour of improvisational jazz so hot it’s cool (or so cool it’s hot!). You won’t want to miss his stellar piano- and guitar-playing or his astounding arrangements – all recorded in his own home studio and mixed especially, just for this show…just for us. So get your dancing shoes on and get yourself over to Château Ce Soir at 5 PM SLT for a very special – and decidedly jazzy – hour with BAZ!

To round out the night – and get le weekend started in style – beloved SL favourite, Anj Gustafson lands, with piano, guitar, and electronic music gear at the ready! He’ll set up in a flash, and we’ll be grooving to that opening number. Before we know it, we’ll be off on a musical adventure, dancing the night away! With tunes from various artists like Emerson, Lake, and Palmer or The Who, Pink Floyd, or Radiohead filling the castle, it will be partytime indeed! Add to that music from Anj himself (including the beautiful Crystal Lake – my personal favourite!), and you’ve got a formula for fun and some serious sounds. With Ki at her professional dance HUD (and the Couples and Tinies dances from the venue), the hour will fly by, so grab the LM for Château Ce Soir and come on over!

Your Landmark: Come, be inspired tonight at Château Ce Soir!

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