Lovely stories and music at The Magic Tree on Tuesday…

Tuesdays (and often Wednesdays) are favourite times at Ce Soir Arts. This time out, Tuesday has the spotlight. Here’s what’s happening:

At noon, the Poet Laureate holds court at The Magic Tree, with a lovely selection of poetry and song. Russell Eponym, known far and wide as a premier poet and musician, always brings some of the very best in prose, poetry, and music for us to enjoy. His selections are always outstanding – and delivered with a special panache and skill. His Thought for the Day is inspiring and he’s been sharing from Richard Templar’s excellent book The Rules of Life – along with reading us through Robert C. O’Brian’s engaging Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. We are riveted to our seats and leaning in to see what will happen next! You’ll be into it in no time – and will be delighted at the rest of what Russell offers in brilliant musings and explorations. We’ll be happy to welcome you for this special time!

After a 30-minute break, the outstanding writer and reader Caledonia Skytower drops in at The Magic Tree with GORAK the GOBBLER, bringing new stories and more. GORAK has got a new book coming out – on this very day! Come get a preview – and a bit of insight into this charmer and how he comes up with all his wisdom. We do know that GORAK is magical when it comes to addressing the stresses of growing up and being human; he has a way with words that is simply delightful. Come on over and grab a spot under the spring-green branches of The Magic Tree for this enchanting and encouraging hour.

Then, at 2:30 PM, MrG Darkrose sweeps in on his Quidditch broomstick to delight us with more from J.K. Rowling’s rousing first book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. We have been enjoying his reading of this fascinating tale of wizardry, and as he continues, we’ll be off on yet another adventure with Harry and friends. This reading is perfect for The Magic Tree, and we will be so happy to have you join us for the fun and intrigue! Come and take a seat…and get ready to be charmed by this tale and this excellent reader; his command of character voices is more than astounding – it’s magic!

Join us at The Magic Tree in Ce Soir!

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