Les vacances continue…with work and fun – in both worlds!

“Time off” from work and other endeavours can be a bit of a challenge as well as an enriching joy. Life is filled with responsibilities for everyone, and owning a home, running a business, and raising a family can be quite demanding – especially when surprises pop in (which is – like, always – or so it seems). Even so, we are enjoying a wee bit of downtime – in-between the myriad tasks at hand.

Our in-world presence is a bit chaotic at the moment, but we’re still finding time for enjoyment at Ce Soir Arts and around the grid. We’ve actually been participating in some special events out and about as well as some of our more regular shows at home. Notably, I (Mireille) have five of my favourite photographs displayed at the 12th Annual Raglan Shire ArtWalk – and I’m enjoying it immensely. I am but one of about 150 artists exhibiting and a big part of the fun is walking the sims and enjoying the work of others. Artists of all types (photographers, painters, sculptors and more) are sharing their talents and it is a joy to behold all those works in one place. Pop on over to enjoy not only my work (at Morning Shire), but all the others. Have fun and explore!

Another artistic event is something that Caledonia Skytower has created: the wonderful Poetry of the Planets at LEA4. She’s outdone herself by creating seven separate planetary bodies and outfitting them expertly to express each one’s individuality. To top it off, visitors are invited to write poetry or stories about the planets and/or their experiences visiting the installation. Richly appointed, each planet has a message – and is accompanied by special music from Gustav Holst’s symphonic suite The Planets. It’s a beautiful event, and a reading of some of the submissions is planned soon. We’ve entered a few poems and stories ourselves – and what a wonderful adventure! Visit Poetry of the Planets in-world or read more about it at SLartist.com. You will be ever so glad you did!

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