Thursday Evening at Château Ce Soir…

Happy almost summertime! We’re finally getting some warmer temperatures, and they are welcome after some cold nights that kept the covers on. To celebrate, let’s gather at Château Ce Soir for a rousing good time with some of the best music and entertainment around! It’s going to be a fun night, so come on over!

UP FIRST at 2 PM SLT is none other than Russell Eponym! He always brings us 90 minutes of outstanding folk, blues and beyond – with stunning finger-style guitar, a range of other instruments, and a velvet voice that fills the hall with magic!

We’ll break for dinner and then pop back in-world at 5 PM SLT for three more hours of excellent music – and what a line-up (thanks to Deja for such a lovely photo)!

It’ 5 o’clock in Second Life™… do you know where the party is? Well…we do!

BAZ steps in to offer us a special set of music – this time from the cool sphere of the blues. There just is nothing like an hour of originally scored sounds with this master musician, arranger, and composer. His music – no matter what genre he dips into – is always satisfying as he envelopes the venue in atmospheres of sound. He captures the spirit of songs written by others and imbues them with his own special style. Get ready for BAZ by grabbing your dancing shoes, and we’ll see you for cocktails at 5!

Next, it’s time to rock with ANJ GUSTAFSON. Stick around at 6 PM to enjoy another hour of fine musicianship and a set just made for dancing. This artist’s sets are always fresh and he’s always adding a new song or ramping up the instrumentation with a unique twist. His evolving repertoire allows ANJ to parlay his excellent talents with guitar, piano, and flute into a great combination of sounds to support those attention-getting vocals. His friendly banter and southern charm makes us smile through the hour. Cheers!

YAYA! Time to CHILL with some cool trance and ambient sounds from our favourite Aussie, NUVOLINO. This guy has talent to spare, all wrapped in smooth energy to start his amazing light show and set at 7 PM SLT. That insistent beat takes us on a magic carpet tide through the hour. Every tune is NUVO at his best, written and performed with precision. We love them all. The music is intense, and you just HAVE to move! The particles and light show complement the pulsing beat perfectly, and you don’t want to miss it! Come on over…and chill with us!

Your ride to Château Ce Soir…see you there!

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