Major events happening this weekend for friends around the grid…

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the US – a time when people remember those who have passed on, especially those who served the country in the military. We too, wish to honour those who served and those whom we remember as well who have gone to their rest. The practise of setting flowers at gravestones is lovely and the countryside is dotted with colourful memories and tributes. We hope that all who pause to celebrate this tradition will enjoy time remembering and sharing with loved ones. There are usually picnics and backyard barbecues happening in most every neighbourhood – and other activities planned in communities to bring people together. May there be peace and kindness shared…

In-world, we have a fun weekend ahead! Here is a recap of some of the happenings our friends are creating and hosting. Join us for these events and others you’ll see popping up in the Destination Guide.

This weekend, our friend, musician extraordinaire BAZ, is opening a 30-day celebration of the arts called BE ART. It promises to provide many showings of various talents including visual arts, music, dance, and more! Check the schedule for this weekend below – and get your travel plans for the opening by clicking on the image…

BE ART opens on both Saturday and Sunday at NOON SLT. Enjoy!


THEN…on Sunday, two of our spoken word artists have special events going…and we’re going to get to both, and hope you will too. First up at 2 PM SLT, the wonderful writer and reader of fantastic tales and myths from history – Dubhna Rhiadra – will be presenting her Global Creation Tale: Existence in Balance. She wrote the tale for the Existence in Balance installation with JenniferMay Carlucci at LEA. A folklorist and theologian, Dubhna has researched creation tales around the globe, and has brought them all together in her own telling that speaks to the people of the 21st century. Don’t miss it – whilst you are there, be sure to tour the entire installation (before or after the presentation)! Grab the SLurl by clicking on the image below:


Also on Sunday at 3:30 PM SLT, Caledonia Skytower will begin to draw her wonderful LEA4 installation – Poetry of the Planets – to a close with a reading of some of the poems and stories submitted during the inspiring installation in April and May. There is still time to see those amazing planets – and to enjoy their beauty. Come hear some of the works submitted – including some by AEon (odes in the form of sonnets) and myself; we are honoured to be reading there today, along with others who were so inspired by this beautiful and artistic creation! Don’t forget…Jupiter’s Ball is the wrap-up event on Monday from 1-3 PM SLT; great planetary music provided by DJ Dano will hit the spot as we dance and chat our way through the ball!


After all this activity, come rest and relax to soothing music in a pastoral atmosphere at Ce Soir Arts. Grab the notecard there at the Main Sim Landing and have fun wandering the sim and areas above. Have a marvelous time this weekend; be well and happy!

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