Summer has arrived…or so it seems!

In our area, we’ve had some cooler temperatures as spring has shifted into summer mode. This is not completely unusual, as nights do seem to cool in the hills, almost year-round. However, this has been truly COOL for some time now, so we’re starting to look forward to summertime warming. We’ve got it this weekend, but – fortunately – it’s mild, so we have time to acclimate. It’s another big weekend in our area, with a major community event that most people anticipate all year long. We’ll go, but probably won’t spend much time there, as work awaits at home – and a sunny weekend sounds perfect for getting some things done. Still, we’ll enjoy the food, wine, and time with friends before coming home to “the list.” <SMILE>

This means another quick plan for the week ahead, and so we’re relying on our wonderful regular slate for the next seven days – as we likely will throughout the month. There MIGHT be one exception – for Æon’s birthday. (Shhhh!) If anything materializes regarding a celebration, I’ll be sure to post. Otherwise, we’ll hope to see you for some of the absolutely top-drawer performances listed below. Look for more information about these on an individual basis early next week. Until then…happy weekend!

CLICK for SLurl to Main Landing at Ce Soir Arts


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