A very quiet week ahead…but wonders await soon!

Yes, it is quiet at Ce Soir Arts – and we have to admit: we’re loving it. This is so mostly because we are inundated with RL company and they are keeping us very busy! We originally had Russell coming to read at The Magic Tree on Tuesday, but he had an appointment pop up on his schedule and so he won’t be here at his usual time that day (which is, as I write this, coming up soon). We’ve taken the event off Search and have signs up so that anyone dropping by will know. He’ll be back next Tuesday – and will be followed by Caledonia Skytower with another installment of Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame AND by MrG Darkrose with more adventure from Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. It will be a wonderful time at The Magic Tree next Tuesday (27 June) – beginning at NOON SLT – so come enjoy! We have brand-new seating for Tinies (our old mushrooms went KAPUT! for some reason)…so there is room for everyone!

The Magic Tree at Ce Soir Arts

Wednesday will also be quiet this week, but Thursday is quite a different story! Russell Eponym will be back – but this time, at Château Ce Soir. He’ll be bringing 90 minutes of his signature folk, blues, and beyond – plus lots of charming banter – LIVE from Wales. We always have a marvelous time, and you’re invited to join us, so do come along at 2 PM SLT to enjoy this exceptional musical show with one of the most beloved performers in SecondLife™ (and other grids – including RL). You’ll be happy you did, as it’s guaranteed to be a fine time!

Thursday night has some truly special shows…beginning at 5 PM with the always excellent BAZ. This professional composer and arranger will astound you with his eclectic mix of stellar music. He almost always has a special theme (look for details soon!), and it’s always quite an adventure! From smooth jazz and love ballads to 50s rock and roll to 70s Motown sounds to contemporary music fresh off the airwaves, BAZ has got it covered! Don’t miss this hour of supremely danceable music in what I like to call atmospheres of sound. We’ll be happy to greet you!

At 6 PM, it’s an hour with the inimitable Anj Gustafson – a musician of high calibre who plays magnificent guitar, keyboards, flute, and Moog synthesizer. His command of popular music from Pink Floyd to Radiohead (and everything in-between) is astounding – and his repertoire just keeps on growing! His vocals are rich, floating above the solid music he plays, and he just keeps playing, packing the hour with truly some of the best music to be found anywhere. His original tunes are an earful of wonderful, and warm banter is peppered throughout. That magnetic music – contemporary with a strong electronica influence – draws a discerning crowd! Check back soon for a bit more details on this show…!

Putting a definitive wrap on the night, Australian trance-master, Nuvolino, drops in at 7 PM SLT to share his original music and keep us dancing. His is an undeniable beat, and you just can’t help yourself MOVE as the tones echo through the hall, literally dancing with the amazing light show that is part of any Nuvolino gig. The colours are stunning and the timing to the music is impeccable, as we’re transported on waves of sound. The lyrics are compelling too, as each one seems to tell a story that gets our attention. Come on over – and be sure to wear your dancing shoes!

We’ll look forward to seeing you! Remember: you are always welcome at Ce Soir Arts!

Oh. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SecondLife™ – turning 14 this year; do visit the SL14B celebration for a look at the history – and the future – of this virtual platform we call home; LMs are at the Destination Guide. A hearty birthday greeting also to Sir Paul McCartney, who was born on 18 June 1942. SL has brought virtual worlds into stunning focus over the years, and Sir Paul (with The Beatles and on his own) has made contributions to music and all the arts that are of inestimable value. Bravo!

Do note that a new art exhibit – BEACHES – will materialize in early July, just in time for happy celebrations like the American Independence Day AND France’s own  la Fête nationale. Plan to drop in at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn to enjoy the work of several of our favourite artists.

Happy Summer!

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