Surprise Beach Party Thursday Night – Honouring Anj Gustafson’s Ten Years of Music in SL!

We’ll start the day at Ce Soir Arts with a wonderful 90-minute show of folk, blues, and beyond with the inimitable Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir. It’s always a lovely time with friends and outstanding music from our Musician Extraordinaire! Russell has been making music in Second Life™ for more than 10 years now, having begun singing and playing on his very first day! He’s been playing at Château Ce Soir since our opening day in 2012, and we’re thrilled that he continues this rich tradition. He also reads poetry & prose at The Magic Tree on Tuesdays at noon (do join us next Tuesday!) – so come along whenever you can to enjoy this supremely talented artist! CLICK HERE for LM to Château Ce Soir!

SURPRISE BEACH PARTbegins at 5 PM in honour of ANJ GUSTAFSON’s 10th Rez Day!

Starting us off at Ce Soir Beach with amazing beach tunes, that exceptional surfer dude, BAZ gets us going with an hour of sheer fun! He starts this three-hour extravaganza, with Æon at the grill! Baz has mastered the beach sound with outstanding tunes that will get us dancing! Wear your swimsuit or other casual summer attire. It’s going to be something special, so don’t miss it!

We’re not quite sure exactly WHEN Anj will arrive, but it will be well in time for his own fantastic set at 6 PM! Ki, Andi, and Selene have a special dancing surprise for Anj – and it’s going to be really fun! Of course, his music is second-to-none, and we always have fun when Anj is on stage; the beachy atmosphere will be perfect! Tonight is a SPECIAL SURPRISE for Anj so SHHHHH! And get yourself over here!

After all that, we’re going to keep the party going with our Aussie friend and chill-master, Nuvolino! His original trance is so danceable…and the LIGHT SHOW is fantastic! You won’t want to miss this undeniable beat as the sun goes down. Come barefoot and dance on the sands with us! Nuvo always gives us the thrill of the chill, and it’s an awesome way to wrap up Anj’s Surprise Beach Party!

The music, the sun, the waves…it will all be amazing. All we need is YOU! CLICK HERE FOR LM to CE SOIR BEACH!

Come, be inspired tonight!

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