Fantastic Beach Party!

We had a wonderful time celebrating the 10th Rez Day for one of our favourite musicians, the multi-faceted ANJ GUSTAFSON last Thursday night. Somehow, we all managed to keep the secret, and ANJ landed to hear cool beach tunes from BAZ – with many of his friends already gathered and partying on the beach!

Baz was outstanding with that amazing beach sound; he had us dancing and grooving to a fabulous rhythm that just wouldn’t quit. It was a very cool hour – and when Anj landed, he was truly surprised. He joined the party and enjoyed the rest of that amazing set from Baz before offering us an hour of his own special sounds. Ki, Andi, and Selene did some wonderful choreographed dancing on stage – that included a huge cake and loads of sparkles!

After that awesome hour, Nuvolino delivered an hour of super-cool trance that kept us dancing as the moon rose in the night sky. His original tunes are outstanding and the banter was just as much fun as we put the very cool wrap on this very special night!

These three musicians will return in a fortnight for more fantastic music!

Thank you to the more than 80 folks who joined us over the course of the evening. Photo during Anj’s rocking show is below!

HAPPY 10th Rez Day, Anj!

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