Wrapping up June at Ce Soir Arts this week…

Summer marches on, and as we all enjoy the sunny weather (well, those of us in the Northern hemisphere, anyway…), the pace slows and quickens in time to things like vacations and celebrations. Some big celebrations are coming up in July, and as we gear up, let’s take time for some excellent spoken word events this week. Of course, Russell will be in with fabulous folk, blues, and beyond on Thursday, but Tuesday and Wednesday are devoted to poetry and prose including various stories of interest and intrigue. Check out the schedule below, and come join us!

TUESDAY at The Magic Tree
NOON – Poet Laureate Russell Eponym: Marvelous Poetry & Song
1:30 PM – Caledonia Skytower: “Wind in the Willows” Part 2
2:30 PM – MrG Darkrose: More with Harry Potter & “The Chamber of Secrets”

WEDNESDAY at The Magic Tree
1 PM: Bryn Taleweaver: Spooky Tales (inspired during his trip to Sicily)
2 PM: Dubhna Rhiadra: Classic Welsh Tales – stories from the Mabinogion
3 PM: Æon Woodford: “The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury

THURSDAY at Château Ce Soir
2 PM: Russell Eponym-90 minutes of the fabulous folk, blues & beyond

See you there!

2 thoughts on “Wrapping up June at Ce Soir Arts this week…

  1. Thanks for all the great events Mireille! I can’t do Tu or Th, but will try to participate on Wed! Ping me if you see me in-world!! 🙂

    Happy Summer / Winter!!!


  2. Hi, Vanessa! How wonderful to see you here. We would love to have seen you today, but with the rapid-fire change of venue due to SL Voice issues at Ce Soir sim, it is understandable that you did not make it. We did have a lovely group for all three readings today – and we will look forward to seeing you in the mix sometime soon!
    I’m off to check out what else you’re up to this summer – and I bet it’s fabulous!
    Happy Summer/Winter to you too! (I’ll make sure you get up to see our year-round wintry getaway. It’s very refreshing!)

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