Second Life™ Voice issues mean temporary relocation for readings…

Yesterday, we experienced a complete lack of Voice capability at Ce Soir sim. Just as Caledonia landed, this became apparent to everyone, and – try as we might – we could not re-engage with the Voice server. So…by Cale and her gracious invitation, we moved the two readings to a lovely spot at Seanchai Library. We did our best to get the word out, and the readings went off without a hitch from there. Both Cale reading from Grahame and his wondrous Wind in the Willows and MrG reading from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Rowling) were stupendous!

Thank you, Cale – and Seanchai Library (which is in it’s new home at Holly Kai Park: click HERE to visit)! We were able to relax and welcome guests to enjoy the wonderful readings in a lovely atmosphere. Check their schedule board inside whilst you are there – many fine readings are coming up!

FOR TODAY…we are moving three outstanding readings to a Fantasy Build by none other than Dubhna Rhiadra, who will join Bryn Taleweaver and Æon Woodford in reading for us today. Check the line-up below for three marvelous readings! CLICK HERE to join us!

1 PM: Bryn Taleweaver: Spooky Tales inspired by his travels to Sicily
2 PM: Dubhna Rhiadra: Classic Welsh Tales – Bran & Branwen
3 PM: Æon Woodford: “The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury
Come relax and enjoy!

Dubhna’s Fantasy Build

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