Happy Fourth of July!

It’s that special time of year (in the Northern hemisphere) when the weather heats up and people enjoy vacations and holidays designed to bring people together. Even if you want a private getaway, you literally cannot completely escape national holidays as they are very popular. In the USA, July Fourth is that – and so much more. As the country’s citizens gather for picnics and fireworks to celebrate the birthday of America, a deep sense of patriotism and belonging holds sway. What American has not shed a tear when hearing the national anthem? We hope that this year, the unifying experience of such an important celebration will bring people together in common care for the beauty of America and all it means the world over.

We’re taking a break this week…until Thursday, when the BEACHES Art Exhibit will open at Côte de la Mer Galerie & LawnNote below the four hours of outstanding music we will enjoy at Ce Soir Beach in honour of the artists who are so kindly sharing their vision of BEACHES. No matter the season, beaches are beautiful – they are places where the vastness of the oceans meet the shores, where the immensity of the planet and the universe that lies beyond comes to call. There is that incredible AWE at the realisation of just how small we really are…and just how impactful we can be in its future.

Beaches, themselves, can be such FUN as we lie sunning lazily beneath the sky or busy ourselves in building castles in the sand. Romping in the foamy surf is such a singular joy, and surfing to conquer the waves is a magnificent experience. Whether we are walking along the beach at sunset or taking a skiff out onto the waves that rise and fall and toss us about in salty air as the morning light appears, it’s all good! As night falls over the water, the depth of darkness appears to engulf us – even as the stars illuminate the shores with sparkling light. Everything awaits us at the beach: solitude, tranquility, amazement, adventure, romance, beauty…and an undeniable awareness of time and eternity…and our place.

Come join us for a look at BEACHES and what they can mean – summer or winter. And don’t forget – whilst the great oceans spring to mind automatically when BEACHES are considered, lakes and rivers have beaches and shorelines to explore as well! We can’t wait to share these wonderful artistic expressions with you from various artists – and the music that will heighten their celebration on 06 July. There might be a bit of fireworks too…so come along! The schedule below offers the calendar for this week – and another post is in the offing with more details about the artists and their work.

Come…be inspired tonight! Click HERE to visit Ce Soir Beach…

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