Do It Again!

How nice it was! To relax on the Beach at Ce Soir with the lovely Mireille and enjoy some old beachy favorites by our friend Baz and some really cool contemporary rock with Anj, topped off with some trance and ambient music by Nuvolino—accompanied by some spectacular fireworks on Ce Soir Beach was a treat. It reminded me of that song by the fabulous summer-fun Beach Boys:


Written by Mike Love and Brian Wilson and Published by © Universal Music Publishing Group

It’s automatic when I talk with old friends
The conversation turns to
Girls we knew when their
Hair was soft and long and the
Beach was the place to go.

M & A relaxing on Ce Soir Beach and enjoying some cool music!

Suntanned bodies and waves of sunshine                                                           The California girls and a
Beautiful coastline Warmed up weather
Let’s get together and
Do it again

With a girl the lonely sea looks good
Makes your night times warm and out of sight

Been so long
(Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now)

Well I’ve been thinking ’bout
All the places we’ve surfed and danced and
All the faces we’ve missed so let’s get
Back together and do it again

Naturally, it’s always a balmy 72 degrees on the Ce Soir Beach. And to accompany the pop culture in our music, our visitors were able to peruse the peachy beachy pictures in the BEACHES Art Exhibit open now (after that fabulous beach party last night!) at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn by creative artists such as Daze Landar, Dolph Beornssen, Jojo Songlark, Larke Longmeadow, Mireille Jenvieve, Olyvia DeCuir, paula cloudpainter, Art by Pieni, Skyspinner Soulstar, Wildstar Beaumont, and Xirana Oximoxi. Amazingly, Mireille actually approved some of mine for inclusion as well. Go figure! CLICK HERE to visit and enjoy this refreshing art exhibit!

The pictures will be displayed at least through the end of July. As for the Beach Party—it was fantastic. So…let’s do it again on Thursday evening, August 03. See you then!

Some fireworks blasts at Ce Soir Beach

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