We’re pretty busy in-world, but there’s always time for relaxation and fun too!

We’re like most folks who have things happening in-world, and we’re pretty busy when we’re here. However, we do enjoy some downtime, now and again – and spending it here has its fascinations. People often ask us what we do in-world when we’re not working on the sims, planning events, or hosting a show or exhibit at Ce Soir Arts, and our usual answer is this: we’re relaxing, chatting, or attending events elsewhere.

Case in point: THIS SATURDAY!

First, we enjoyed interacting with some patrons at the new BEACHES Art Exhibit at our own Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. Just recently opened, the art of 12 exceptional artists has filled the galerie with summer joy! You must see it! Note earlier (and soon-to-be-posted notes about this gorgeous summery exhibit. Visit HERE to enjoy!

BEACHES Art Exhibit open at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn

Later, we managed to attend a wonderful musical event by JM Visions Theatre group: ABBA & Friends. Wow, they really put on quite a show! Excellent costuming, perfect timing of animations and music, and inventive sets made for quite an entertaining time! Our friend Chrisjana Moyet is a member of their troupe and you should check her and the group out. Don’t miss their next show; we’ll post about it here so you can catch it – their work is exacting and polished. Below, a shot of the programme – but it was much more than depicted; scene after musical scene had us up and dancing and singing along!

ABBA & Friends with JM Visions Theatre Troupe

Also on Saturday this week, we were transported to a lovely Arabic-themed location (specially made at Aux Bains du Paradis) to relax and enjoy the beautiful poetry of friend Karima Hoisan. Her work is stunning, and so often is inspired by other works of art. This Ekphrastic poetry – inspired by visual art – is a unique and varied poetic form, and Karima has mastered it. Her readings include presentations of the visual art that inspires her writing, as you can see by the image I captured below. Usually, my writing comes first and then I take photographs to illustrate; I find this alternative methodology fascinating, and thank Karima for exploring it further and sharing it with us in-world! Visit her blog for more information about her writing and her outstanding work in machinima with the very talented Natascha Randt; their films have won award after award, and there will be more!

Karima Hoisan Reading

Look for more…soon…and do catch these kinds of events whenever you can. Art abounds!

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