Beaches Art Exhibit and a Week of Spoken Word and Music Ahead!

It’s midsummer and the heat has set in RL. Wow…heat indices over the century mark (Fahrenheit) is serious business as we seek relief at the beach, in the shade, or indoors where the air conditioning hums along. Æon often boasts that it’s always a balmy 72° at Ce Soir Arts – and he’s right on the money, thank goodness!

Come on over and relax in the refreshing and invigorating environment of the BEACHES Art Exhibit, newly opened at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. There are 12 artists sharing their vision of beaches and what they represent in our lives – how they impact relationships, how they inspire our dreams, and what emotion they evoke in us…deep in our souls. There is something about water – moving in a natural body – that touches the spirit. The ebb and flow, whether at the ocean shore or the banks of a river or brook, speaks to us. Even the quiet of a placid lake makes a statement our hearts can hear.


Join us also this week for an array of outstanding spoken word events with a cadry of exceptional readers, most of whom are authors as well. They share a rich programme of varied readings that lift us up, make us think and feel, and offer us a respite from the day-to-day. Take a look at the listing we have for this week at The Magic Tree Reading Spot. Each one has something very special to offer – and who can turn down the opportunity to laze deliciously under the cooling shade of The Magic Tree? The ocean is nearby with its soothing wavesounds and the calling of sea gulls. As the water flows by the inlet near the mountains surrounding our bosky (forested) area where The Magic Tree makes its home, we are lulled to quietude and opened to listening to some of the very best poetry, legends, and tales ever written.

This week at Ce Soir Arts…

And don’t forget Thursday’s outstanding 90 minutes of music and magic with Russell at Château Ce Soir! Do join us – and please visit at your leisure at other times as well. Wander the sim – and points above; dance, relax, enjoy…and be inspired tonight!

LMs: Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn – The Magic TreeChâteau Ce Soir

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