Quick Look at Next Week…

With lots happening as summer hits its high point, this post will be short and sweet…

The BEACHES Art Exhibit has been quite popular, and we’ve had numerous visitors. Lovers of art and those who particularly enjoy summertime have flocked to the sim to enjoy Ce Soir Beach and the lovely BEACHES art at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn; we’ve had the pleasure of chatting with several patrons at various hours and are looking forward to more such intriguing encounters. Look for more detail about the artists…coming soon!

The exhibit will be open into August, but other activities are always on the agenda at Ce Soir Arts. This week, we focus on Tuesday and Thursday. Check the schedule below and come along to enjoy! Russell will be reading – always a treat – on Tuesday at The Magic Tree – and Thursday’s excellent music line-up will bring their talents to perform at Château Ce Soir. We will return to the beach soon, but we thought a nice indoor evening might be a good change of pace as summer rounds the halfway mark.

Join us for relaxation and fun as friends gather: Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn or Château Ce Soir 

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