Another week of art, spoken word, and music at Ce Soir Arts…

This is a very busy weekend for us IRL, so here’s a quick look at the schedule for the coming week. Do note, however, that you are likely to see the first of the artist interview question responses very soon…and you will no doubt find them to be of interest, so do check back soon. Be sure to visit to enjoy the art up close – perhaps after attending a reading or musical show this week. All works are for sale, and at quite reasonable prices. Besides, you will enjoy relaxing at the gallery and enjoying these unique views and beautiful renderings of BEACHES.

This grouping of artists who have come together to make the beautiful BEACHES Art Exhibit the gorgeous summery one that it is are truly some of the most intriguing and interesting of artistic spirits. Come back soon to get the details…and in the meantime, pop over to Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn to feast your eyes – and your souls – on these lovely shores. Each one is strikingly different from the others, highlighting perhaps a special interest or area of artistic talent for the individual creating the piece. And after, pop on over to the Ce Soir BeachLa Plage – and relax as the gulls fly and the waves whisper their song….

Sunday Evening at Ce Soir Beach



Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn  – The Magic Tree Reading Spot – Château Ce Soir 

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