It really is summer…!

The weather has been so HOT this summer, that we are celebrating temps below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. We always have good sunshine here, but it has been almost alarmingly bright some days…and the radiant heat is incredible; we can even feel it in the house, although the air conditioning is giving it a run. Even though we are somewhat uncomfortable some days, we are reveling in the freedoms of the season. Our cavalcade of guests continue to fill the house with even more joy, and we’re having fun with good times together; good food and good friends make life all the better! And so do BEACH PARTIES! (Well, that’s what Æon says!). Soooo…we will have another of our infamous beach parties on Thursday, 03 August – and you’re invited to join in the fun!

Of course, the marvelous and refreshing BEACHES Art Exhibit remains open at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. These 12 wonderful artists are sharing their views of BEACHES…and it’s magical! Come visit and be transported seaside by these works of art…and then stay to visit the Ce Soir Beach as well. NOTE: Next posting on the blog will begin the series of interview queries with each of these artists. You’ll enjoy reading and learning more about them and their work. I’m very much looking forward to that posting and those that will come after. So…stay tuned!

Then, as the week moves on, the inimitable RUSSELL EPONYM, Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts will read and share music at The Magic Tree on Tuesday, 01 August. Always a delightful time, it’s even more special as we near the conclusion of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (by Robert C. O’Brien, illustrated by Zena Bernstein). It’s been a marvelous ride, and we’ve been left on quite a cliff-hanger! Come along and enjoy this fascinating tail…er…tale – and the rest of what RUSSELL has to offer. It’s magical!

We take Wednesday off, but gear back up on Thursday, 03 August, when RUSSELL will play at Château Ce Soir at his regular time of 2 PM SLT. As always, he will be bringing us 90 minutes of outstanding folktales and poetry set to music. He’s written many of the songs he sings with a velvety voice- and that unique finger-picking guitar style is sheer delight to the ears! Come dressed up or as-you-are for a charming good time!

Then…as the evening deepens, BAZ and ANJ GUSTAFSON – two of the most versatile of musicians found anywhere – will hit the beach with fun in mind! BAZ and band will play at 5 PM and ANJ follows at 6. Each will thrill us with modern tunes just made for dancing! Wear your beach gear as summer rounds the bend into August (which I’ve heard termed “the dog days of summer”). I don’t really know what that means, but we’ll have fun, no matter what, dancing the night away on the sands!

As if that’s not enough…that Aussie wonder, NUVOLINO will hop on stage at 7 PM on Thursday with his magnificent light show to keep us going with his excellent trance and electronica sound. This is cool personified. What a beat! You’ll want to hang out for this – and let the beat move you as the evening grooves on into night. These deep house sounds are totally unique and you’re bound to enjoy as the moon shines bright.

Here’s the schedule – in a nutshell:
Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn – The Magic TreeChâteau Ce SoirCe Soir Beach

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