August keeps on rollin’…and so we keep rockin’…

This coming week will be the height of August, and we’re going to enjoy it in the cool glades of The Magic Tree on Tuesday – and in the breezy comfort of Château Ce Soir on Thursday. Of course, the beachside Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn is also a refreshing spot to relax, with the bonus of enjoying lovely artwork and the proximity of the expanse of Ce Soir Beach.

As always, you will be welcome to visit at any time, but do come enjoy some of the wonderful art, spoken word, and musical events that are offered at Ce Soir Arts; you can read more detail about each in earlier postings. We know you will not want to miss Poet Laureate Russell Eponym…or the music of the inimitable Baz, the multifaceted Anj Gustafson, and the Aussie chill king Nuvolino! The schedule varies just a bit, but as summer moves toward its dénouement, some changes will become more noticeable including the addition of some programmes and areas focused on autumn activities. Look for another installment of the interviews with BEACHES Art Exhibit artists coming up soon, as well. We are having such fun with that and hope you are enjoying learning more about these excellent artists!

The Magic Tree          Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn          Château Ce Soir 

We will be happy to welcome you whenever – and wherever – you land on the sim! The present schedule is posted above; make a plan to pop round. Come…be inspired tonight!

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