September…another week!

Sometimes, we all wonder where the time goes. Life on and off the grid is terribly busy for most of us; work, family and friends require time and attention – as do our health and other personal needs. Nourishing our souls in the creative environment of Second Life® is important as well to many of us, but it too, takes time and focus. Balancing our time and activities can be a challenge from time-to-time, but it is well worth the effort, as we discover the wonders that await us in both worlds.

This coming week, we have the following to offer for your edification and entertainment. Come relax with us and enjoy!

Note, if you will, the AUTUMN LEAVES Art Exhibit that is scheduled to open mid-month. Slated to run from mid-September to mid-October at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn, the exhibit is a showing from the private collection of Ce Soir Arts owners and family. Most are in-world photographs from family members, but there will be a few others to round out the presentation. We do such exhibits once or twice a year, and we truly enjoy sharing; none of the pieces from family members will be for sale, as they are simply offered for viewing, but any others made available from the collection may (or may not) be purchased., benefiting the artist(s).

Other exhibits through the end of the year will include MAD MASQUERADE, a Hallowe’en special exhibit that correlates with our annual Mad Masquerade Ball, to be held 26 October this year. For this exhibit, works may be dark or macabre in nature, or focus on the fun of dressing up and enjoying the holiday. A notecard is available to guide those who would like to submit work for this exhibit, so do contact Mireille in-wold if you are interested. In addition, special readings will be held at both The Magic Tree Reading Spot and at The Graveyard Dungeon – an especially spooky spot at Ce Soir Arts. We promise you a spooktacular time!

Other holiday-themed events and exhibits will be held as 2017 winds down. It is incredible that we are talking about the end-of-the-year! Before rushing ahead, let us slow down and enjoy the enchanting autumn in all its glorious, colourful beauty – and in its cooler weather – at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere!

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend – and the week ahead. Come…be inspired tonight!

Main Landing at Ce Soir Arts

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