As autumn begins, change comes…along with Talk Like a Pirate Day!

This coming week will have some magic in store…readings you will not want to miss, for one thing. There are some changes afoot, so do read on below for the details. Let us begin however, by exploring what is planned for the week; you will find it enchanting!

First, the lovely writer, reader, and all-around gifted spoken word artist Caledonia Skytower returns to The Magic Tree on Tuesday at 2:30 PM. As that day is celebrated as International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Cale has put together a marvelous session based in Rafael Sabbatini’s wonderful work: Captain Blood. Good Pirates! Bad Pirates! Maidens in Distress! Scurvy Scalawags and Unlikely Heroes populate the story, and we will be ever so happy to pipe you aboard the SS Magic Tree to enjoy it! Do dress the part, if you wish. Eye patches are optional, of course! Whatever you do, come join us. AAAHHHRRRRRR!

That will be a stunning hour – and our only one on that day. (See notes below for details about that and more about what’s coming up too!)

On Wednesday, we’ll hear from two other of our favourite spoken word presenters, and master storyteller Bryn Taleweaver is up first at 1 PM SLT. In his always delightful style, he will bring us a magical tale he is calling The Last Dragon. This enchanting yarn will have us riveted as we enter the era of magical dragons and daring quests of the realm! As the mists part we will get a look at what life was like at that time in history, and will be charmed by the dashing and the daring.

We always enjoy time with Dubhna Rhiadra, the gifted writer and reader of soulful and expressive poetry and stories. This session will have us in rapt attention as she delivers tales of the seasonal shift as the Autumnal Equinox approaches. It is a magical time of the year, with change all about us! As the darkness starts to creep forward, beloved writer and storyteller Dubhna shares more dark and strange little tales for this time of mists and change. This transitional time brings mystery and enchantment. These storylines are rich with history and fine telling, so do join us at 2 PM as we gather under the branches of The Magic Tree.

Then, on Thursday (21 September), Russell Eponym drops in with an array of musical instruments and a soaring setlist from his ever-growing repertoire of folk, blues, and beyond! This 90-minute show is filled to the brim with charm and lovely music to soothe us (and bring us many notes of fun and frolic along the way) in preparation for the coming weekend. Always a treat, a warm and wonderful group of friends – and new people too – from around the world flock to enjoy this special time with Russell, who streams live from Wales. You’re invited, so come on over to Château Ce Soir. The fun begins at 2 PM, so set your clocks!

And now, about those aforementioned changes. To begin, Russell Eponym, Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts will not be reading at his usual Noontime hour at The Magic Tree on Tuesday (19 September). As summer truly begins the shift to fall, Russell is taking a few days respite and enjoying the weather and the company of special friends. We will miss his weekly session, but are thrilled that he will be enjoying some time off – even as work on a new studio in his home attic continues. How exciting it will be for him to have more room for all those guitars, harmonicas, banjos and streaming equipment gadgets! And we will benefit as we gather to hear him in the near future. And so…off you go, Russell! Have a marvelous time, and we will see you on your return. Note that he will indeed join us at Château Ce Soir for his usual Thursday music show. Come enjoy with us!

MrG Darkrose has been delighting us with his on-the-money readings from J.K. Rowling’s exceptional Harry Potter series. His voices are spot on and he often comes in a special avatar, just for each reading. We’ve been visited by Dumbledore, Hagrid, Snape – and more! We’re knee-deep in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets…but that other world has knocked and MrG must answer, changing his reading dates and times in order to accommodate. We do our best to be flexible at Ce Soir Arts and The Magic Tree, so you can expect MrG – with his complete entourage of Harry Potter and friends to return in early October. We look forward to it and will keep you posted!

With the above schedule change – and the new semester underway – Æon will also shift his reading hour. He too, will return in early October (likely reading right after MrG), and continuing his outstanding presentations of sci-fi master Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles. Note also that Æon will also be sharing a very special set of readings for the Hallowe’en season coming up. We are creating a special area at Ce Soir Arts for that…so do stay tuned!

Other special readings, dramatic presentations, musical shows, and a very unique art exhibit are in planning for the frightful time of year including the annual MAD MASQUERADE BALL. You will not want to miss that, planned for Thursday, 26 October! There will be quite the creepy environment to navigate all around the sim (and at dungeon-level!) and wonderful music and mayhem – costumes encouraged!

Note also the private collection of AUTUMN LEAVES is on exhibit now through mid-October. Come relax at Côte de la Mer Galerie and enjoy some autumn beauty!

The Magic Tree     Château Ce Soir    Côte de la Mer Galerie

And so, here we go, off on another week. Come…be inspired tonight!

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