Research Opportunity for Second Life® Residents: Survey Available through 15 October

Our friend, millay Freschi, who founded the Four Bridges Project in Second Life®, is completing her PhD studies at the University of Maine in the US. As part of her dissertation, she is conducting a study that explores the avatar experience. I attended a meeting with her at the ISTE VEN sim on Tuesday night, and it was quite informative and interesting. For one thing, I learnt more about the International Society for Technology in Education and their Virtual Environments Network. They are doing some outstanding work, so pop over to see their place at EduIsland and learn more HERE.

Here is the message I have been sharing, along with a notecard from millay with more information. I do not know how to send a notecard via this blog (impossible!), but if you pop over to our place, you can click the poster at Château Ce Soir landing to receive one.  Access the link provided below, and you can read her note and access the survey:

NOTE: millay Freschi (Amy Cross in the physical world) is conducting research into the Second Life® experience as part of her PhD dissertation at the University of Maine. She has set up an anonymous survey of 48 questions about your relationship with your avatar, your SL relationships and group memberships, as well as some demographic information. There is nothing involved that reveals your location or identity. millay founded The Four Bridges Project in SL and will host a concert for the community in January 2018.

She wants to show what, if any, effect our avatars have on our other selves and how this might affect choices and decisions that we make in both worlds. Your participation will be appreciated; the survey will be available until 15 October 2017.

Here is a link to the Four Bridges Project website and the online survey that should take about 30 minutes of your time. Please consider participating! Thank you!

Main Landing at Ce Soir Arts

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