My birthday week! Time to celebrate!

Yes, friends, it is Mireille’s birthday week. Not my Rez Day, but my actual RL birthday – you know, that gloriously happy day when my parents and siblings and just about everybody in the universe welcomed sweet little ME! (Giggling here!)

ANYWAY, it is going to be a good week. Birthday is on Friday, so I am taking the whole week including next weekend and claiming it to be MINE! It’s going to be fun, definitely. There will be online and RL shopping, some presents from near and far, and some delicious gluten-free CAKE to be enjoyed! PLUS, I am going to take a wee journey to a favourite spot to meditate and radiate love, joy, peace, and HOPE to the world. I do this, every year, and it is one of my favourite things to do. It is sort of my birthday gift to myself – a reminder that I can do something good, something positive for myself and everyone by taking really good care of myself; by taking time for rest and quietude; by holding positive thoughts for all; by being positive – even when being negative seems like the easy way.

Another thing I can do is try to create a supportive pathway for beauty. And so…our annual MAD MASQUERADE is in planning for October. There will be the annual MAD MASQUERADE BALL (on 26 October); a lovely diorama-like literary presentation; and a unique art exhibit – not just at Côte de la Mer Galerie, but all over the sim…in some dark and mysterious spots as well as more traditional locations. If you or an artist friend would like to add something to the MAD MASQUERADE Exhibit, contact me in-world!

The AUTUMN LEAVES Exhibit will be open until 15 October, so do come round to enjoy the beauty of this colourful season. Note, when you do, that the sim trees seem to be turning in response to the season as well. It is cooler here this morning, and I think most of Europe, Canada, and the US are feeling the autumnal shift. Let us enjoy it! And – for our Australian friends – how nice it is that spring has sprung for you! It really is a wonderful world!

Come join us this week for the following…more details soon!:

Come…be inspired tonight!

The Magic Tree      Côte de la Mer Galerie       Château Ce Soir

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