The Mad Masquerade Art Exhibit and Musical Celebration!

It’s that time again! Hallowe’en is just around the corner and The Mad Masquerade is on at Ce Soir Arts! This year, the art exhibit that will be celebrated at The Mad Masquerade Ball is extensive and three locations dedicated to displaying beautiful (and creepy) artwork are ready to open come Thursday. The musical celebration is kicked-up a few notches as well – SIX HOURS of continual sound and fury (the best kind!) will celebrate the art – and the season! Dress as you wish and join us! The ball begins right at 2 PM SLT…26 October! Witchwood Hollow…

The many fine artists who are joining us for this unique and marvelous exhibit bring an array of styles and perspectives to this haunting showing – and haunting exhibit spaces. Here’s the 411 on this outstanding display that will enchant and chill us to the bone for a frightfully delightful experience!

We have three galleries involved, and you must see them all! Officially opening on 26 October, most of the work is available now, so scoot on over and have a look at some of this exceptional yet eerie artwork! PLEASE leave a note in the Gallery Guest Book at Côte de la Mer Galerie – and be sure to visit all three locations. There are some surprising treats to enjoy!

You will find much to delight your dark side and your aesthetic for expressive art. The following artists have work on exhibit at the galleries – and Nessuno Myoo, Kicca Igaly, Silas Merlin, and Secret Rage have sculptures out and about. Much more information will be posted throughout the exhibit, but for now, check out this artistic line-up:


THE IVY TOWER                                                                                                                                                 Silas Merlin – his MONSTERS sculptures are stunning  // Xanthe shares gorgeous gothic-themed works // Spiral Silverstar’s beautiful fractal art evokes a sense of the darkside // Michael Romani offers series of seven chilling horror photos

CÔTE de la MER GALERIE                                                                                                                                  Fae Varriale’s lovely dark portraiture is mysterious and deep // Secret Rage’s unique themes inspire // Mireille’s poetic art is inspired by Secret’s work // Rage Darkstone displays a moving piece of expressionistic art // Isabel Hermano shares a touching and moving piece

MISTY GLEN GALLERY                                                                                                                                Liam’s nostalgic pieces—rich with mystery // Wildstar Beaumont’s work in a seasonal mood // Olyvia DeCuir explores fashionable expressions of Hallowe’en // Virginia takes us on a Lovecraftian journey

OUT ON THE SIM                                                                                                                                                 Nessuno Myoo presents a powerful sculptural image from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre                          Kicca Igaly displays a beautiful sculpture of haunting skeletal remains – HALLOWEEN

Kicca Igaly’s HALLOWEEN (Nessuno’s Spirit of Mechanical Angel is in the background)

THEN…on Thursday (tomorrow as I write this!), come for the annual MAD MASQUERADE BALL! It’s going to be incredible this time out, so don’t miss it!

2 PM – RUSSELL EPONYM with Folk, blues & WAY beyond – outside at Witchwood Hollow ☆
Come enjoy this 90 minutes of delightful music with Russell and friends! What better way to celebrate the beauty of autumn than with stunning and melodious music!

3:30 PM – BAZ with cool sounds and two hours of PINK FLOYD at The Witchwood HollowCemetery ☆
This is going to be creepy-fun – do not miss this!!!!
Baz & Band bring a lot of professional clout to the music…and two whole hours of nothing but PINK FLOYD will be amazing! It’s outside too – with a crazy setup you just have to see to believe!

6 PM – ANJ GUSTAFSON will ROCK the graveyard at Witchwood Hollow! ☆
Come dance the night away in the mists…under the stars…! Anj is an expert musician who plays guitar, piano, Moog, and flute – and he sings like the rockstar he is! Come on over and HOWL with us!

7 PM – NUVOLINO gives us the CHILLS at Witchwood Hollow Abandoned Church ☆
Last year, his setup was a huge SPIDER! Who knows what he has in store this time around?!?!
Come along for the fun as we groove to the undeniable beat of the best in trance/electronica!

The long view – Witchwood Hollow at Ce Soir Arts


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