Mad Masquerade Ball was…a ball! And it’s still rather spooooky around here!

To say that The Mad Masquerade Ball was…well…a BALL would be an understatement! We enjoyed SIX HOURS of incredible music and spooktacular fun! People came from all around to enjoy the music and eerie banter provided by RUSSELL EPONYM, BAZ, ANJ GUSTAFSON, and NUVOLINO! Each offered their own special blend of music and mayhem – and it was such ghoulish fun!

Here are a few photos…

RUSSELL SERENADES at The Mad Masquerade Ball 2017 – and friends!
BAZ and the Ungrateful Dead Rockin’ PINK FLOYD!
ANJ creepin’ us out – rockin’ Mad Masquerade!
NUVO – creeeeepy and cooool with ginormous sounds of trance and chill!

So, as you can see, we had a BALL at the BALL. Next year…we hope you will join us!

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