More Mad Masquerade…Art and Spoken Word at Ce Soir Arts…

After Hallowe’en’s outstanding readings at The Graveyard Dungeon, we have something extra-special coming on 01 November… Join us there at 1 PM for three readings that will chill us to the bone – the last hurrah of Hallowe’en will be stellar! Check the line-up below and come on over! Remember to visit the galleries for the very special art exhibit that is on through November! (See earlier posts for details!)

◥▲◤MAD MASQUERADE Readings Continue – 01 November – Graveyard Dungeon◥▲◤

1 PM: BRYN TALEWEAVER with Saints & Sinners! Master storyteller Bryn takes us on a journey into another dimension of dark story. Come travel through the mists to the underworld. Perfect for the dark season!

2 PM: DUBHNA RHIADRA with Creepy Lovecraft Stories! Dubhna thrills us with this scary seasonal selection of creepy tales. The frightful darkness of Lovecraft shines in Dubhna’s telling. Come enjoy the haunting chill!

3 PM: AEON WOODFORD with Night Meeting by Ray Bradbury! Come relax as AEon shares another of Bradbury’s finest tales from The Martian Chronicles. We will be pleased to welcome you to the underground at Ce Soir Arts!


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