And…we’re back!

The MAD MASQUERADE BALL was so amazing this year…and then the week that followed was incredible – such fine spoken word events, such a beautiful art exhibit (ongoing), and so much lively – and mellow – music was enjoyed! This is our favourite time of the year, and we max out on it! Enjoyment is the name of the game, and we did that with abandon.

So…we were tired and ready for a few days of rest when our kitty-cat (the flesh-and-blood one) fell inexplicably ill. We consulted the veterinarian who suggested we observe her for a couple of days and report back (as she did not appear to be in actual pain, just  not being herself and a bit listless – which is certainly not her usual modus operandi). After that, we took her in for a little visit that included a full physical, lab work, and overnight observance. We missed her at home, so we HAD to visit periodically – and to say that we were worried would be a dire understatement. Hannah is our baby, and we love her to the moon and back! Usually, she is affectionate and yet energetic – even at 14 years of age. But we knew something was wrong, and we fretted over it as we awaited the diagnosis and – we hoped – treatment recommendations.

FINALLY, the word came. Hannah has a relatively common ailment for cats of her breed (Ragamuffin) and age: hyperthyroidism. This requires treatment with a thyroxine agonist, administered daily. She also has early renal failure – another relatively frequent diagnosis. Treatment for that is dietary, and we now have the low-nitrogen food; thank goodness, she seems to like it! She is still drinking an inordinate amount of water, but Dr. Jenny says thats OK for the time being. We do expect improvement, and weve already been seeing it – Hannah is more social again, although she tends to stay by herself much more than usual. She does come for grooming and allows us to apply the transdermal medication without complaint. She is still eating a bit much too, but its the medicinal-quality food, so thats fine. We always served top-of-the-line cat chow, but this is even better because it is tailor-made for kitty-cats with kidney issues.

We are quite relieved…and hopeful! AND…EXHAUSTED. There were many things going on in-world and in the physical realm for us these past few weeks. We have enjoyed every moment in-world – the ART – the MUSIC – the FRIENDS – the CELEBRATION! AND…HALLOWEEN!!!! Our home life has been very busy as well, though. Hannahs needs, the purchase and delivery of some new furnishings, Halloween celebrations in the neighbourhood…and all the rest that daily life demands. So…we will be around Ce Soir Arts, of course – and usual programming will continue (with a few special events as well!). We’ll just not be around quite as much in-between events. We need some sleep and some down-time as Thanksgiving nears. There will be a crowd at our house for that beloved American holiday, much like there will be for your family if you also reside en Amérique. As we relax a bit, we wish you all the very best! And if you’re in the UK for Remembrance Sunday on 12 November and St. Andrew’s Day on the 30th, we wish you well!

Today (11 November) is Veterans Day in the US, and we wish to thank our military families for their service. We so appreciate all they do in order to protect our country. We know full well the many trials of the military life – as well as its amazing joys and wonders. THANK YOU! It’s also our dear cousin’s birthday…so we’ll be celebrating that as well.

As November moves along, do come see the striking art that is in at three galleries at Ce Soir Arts. Note previous postings for all the details (check HERE) – and be sure to take the notecard that is available at each location for information about these marvelous artists and their work. We are honoured to host them!


Check the schedule for upcoming spoken word and musical events as well. You are always welcome at Ce Soir Arts…so come relax and enjoy at any time! Be well and happy…and be inspired tonight!

Misty Glen Gallery at Ce Soir Arts

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