Something different…

As we were planning this weeks readings and shows, several outstanding ideas came to the fore – of course, Russell planned his usual engaging hour of poetry, prose, and music – and Cale came up with reading POOH-BEAR By Request! (see an earlier post for details!). We know we are going to enjoy Tuesday – Noon and 1:30 PM at The Magic Tree!

In addition, one of our regular readers – master storyteller Bryn Taleweaver – came up with a lovely story he wanted to tell. Its about love and tragedy – mermaid style. It sounds just wonderful, so we gave a hearty thumbs-up to the idea. Then – as is often the case around here – ideas began to pop around that initial thought, and before we knew it, we had scheduled the reading in an alternate location at Ce Soir Arts! We have long had our little Mermaid Cove…just a little quiet spot for our Mer friends to rest, dance, and spend some quiet time alone or with someone special.

That sweet little underwater corner of the sim has never been used for anything formal, and it is too small for a music show or theatrical production. BUT…it is perfect for a reading – especially one centered on the sea! So, weve added some seating and are awaiting the wonderful reading on Wednesday at 1 PM – Bryns usual time.

As Dubhna, who usually reads at 2 PM, is moving house, she will not be reading that day. This has given Æon an earlier hour to read – and since we will be at Mermaid Cove already, he will read from there as well. On this particular day, he will read more from Ray Bradbury in The Martian Chronicles. This time, it will be The Fire Balloons…which promises to be an intriguing psychological sci-fi tale.


Come along and enjoy with us on Wednesday! Here are your fins: MERMAID COVE

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