Thanksgiving week = famliy vacation time!

In the United States, the holiday season is really gearing up. This coming Thursday is the traditional Thanksgiving holiday – a time when families and friends gather to give thanks for all the blessings of the year. Begun in the time of the pilgrims (1600s), the traditional feast that is the central aspect of this holiday for most Americans was initially a meal shared by the recently-landed Europeans and the American Indians. They began their relationship feuding over land and food, but began a time of peace with a shared meal prepared from the autumn harvest. Whilst there are many legends and stories about the first Thanksgiving, it is remembered fondly today and celebrated with warmth.

Our little family is gathering at home this week, and we are busy with meal preparations and activity planning. Of course, there is the 91st Annual Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City to enjoy on television – and FOOTBALL, which will keep fans busy most of the afternoon. Black Friday shopping the next day begins the holiday shopping season, which has actually been in high gear since Halloween! Wherever you reside – and whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving – we wish you a beautiful week and coming weekend. Take time for yourself and count your blessings; it’s guaranteed to lift your spirits!

The schedule at Ce Soir Arts will reflect our wee vacation, and we hope that you will come enjoy Poet Laureate Russell Eponym’s stellar reading on Tuesday, 21 November at NOON. Join us at The Magic Tree for what is always a delightful hour of poetry, prose, music, and friendship – LIVE from Wales with Russell and friends! Click HERE to teleport!

Best wishes to you and yours on this lovely holiday!

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