New week – and changes afoot…

It is indeed a new week…and here are some changes coming this week (with more later!)…

MAD MASQUERADE ART EXHIBIT CLOSES 30 NOVEMBER at MIDNIGHT, so do not miss your opportunity to see these amazing (and sometimes downright chilling) pieces of art.

Striking expressionistic pieces from Rage Darkstone and Owen Landar – vivid and touching modern art from Isabel Hermano – engaging artistic poesy from Secret Rage and Mireille Jenvieve – to deeply dramatic portraiture from Fae Varriale fill Côte de la Mer Galerie with dark beauty. Ivy Tower sizzles with elegant portraits by Xanthe, fiery horror pieces by Michael Romani, mystic fractals by Spiral Silverstar, and frighteningly wicked statuary by Silas Merlin. At Misty Glen Gallery, spirit-stirring art by Liam, Lovecraftian cityscapes by Virginia, delightfully dark and stylish views by Olyvia DeCuir, beautiful seasonal landscapes by Wildstar Beaumont, and creepy views of Ce Soir Arts by Mireille Jenvieve will give you the chills.

START HERE – and grab the notecard with information and LMs. ENJOY!

SCHEDULE for the WEEK AHEAD – note the shift to a more wintry/Christmasy theme underway!

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