Something special from The Dickens Project and Ce Soir Arts…

Tuesday this week is a very special day! Our Poet Laureate Russell Eponym will be reading at the beautiful LEA7 sim that has been dressed in Victorian splendor to honour the work of Charles Dickens. Indeed, this is the Fifth Annual Dickens Project from Seanchai Library. Caledonia Skytower and her outstanding team of collaborators have outdone themselves again this year, and you must go enjoy the beauty of 19th Century England. You can get a sneak peek at the Seanchai Library website.

To come along for the wonder of it all, CLICK HERE FOR THE CHURCH STREET LM!

Tuesdays at NOON SLT is Russells regular reading time at The Magic Tree in Ce Soir Arts, but we have been invited to take a field trip today to enjoy a special presentation from Russell on Church Street at LEA7. It will be a lovely time – and you are encouraged to dress in 19th Century Victorian clothing, if you wish! Caledonia and friends will be there, and we cannot wait to share this special hour!

Ce Soir Arts is one of many venues and locations in Second Life® that has a small “shoppe” on the LEA7 sim for the tenure of The Dickens Project. There, we share information about our regular readers at The Magic Tree – all in a sweet little spot decked out for the merriest of Christmas holidays! Do visit, and be sure to take your special Christmas gift along with the information! CLICK HERE for the Ce Soir Arts Shoppe!

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