Readings resuming at The Magic Tree on Wednesday…

The US holiday season – from Thanksgiving through New Year’s – has been a time of celebration and rest for us at Ce Soir Arts. Like many people, we’ve had a houseful of guests and have attended several parties. We’ve had a ball – both in-world and in the physical realm. The beauty of autumn and the frightfully good fun of Hallowe’en seamlessly flowed into a sweet Thanksgiving and then preparations for the glory of Christmas and Hannukah and Kwanzaa. Of course, various spiritual beliefs nourished those experiences for many, and families and friends gathered to enjoy one another’s company, sharing good food and good times.

Look back a recent postings for a look at what’s been happening at Ce Soir Arts, lovely involvements elsewhere (especially Seanchai Library and friends’ The Dickens Project!)…and what’s coming up too. We’ve taken a few holidays, but have enjoyed beautiful art, fine readings, and excellent music along the way. Our sixth anniversary was celebrated in grand style, and we look ahead to 2018 with excitement and anticipation. There will be changes afoot in coming months. Stay tuned!

This week, we have a return to the enjoyment of the spoken word at The Magic Tree. Whilst Poet Laureate Russell Eponym continues his extended vacation – and celebrated reader Caledonia Skytower plans her work for the year ahead – other of our regular readers return with some exceptional stories to share! We welcome back master storyteller Bryn Taleweaver, exceptional writer and reader Dubhna Rhiadra, and our own professor of literature Æon Woodford this Wednesday. Three hours of excellent tales with varying focus will garner our attention as we relax around the fire under the canopy of The Magic Tree. Check the schedule below for a bit more detail, and we’ll see you starting at 1 PM SLT! Your conveyance is HERE.

We trust that 2018 is off to a happy, healthy start for you – and certainly hope so. The weather has been a bit scary in some locales and fires and other natural disasters continue to wreak their havoc. I am thinking here of snowstorms, heatwaves, and canyon fires, etc. Let us remember those affected and hope for a good outcome for all.

Come…be inspired tonight!

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