Three hours of music highlight the week…

FIRST…an important note:

As we continue our foray into the new year, we are happy to report that most of what we’re hearing from friends and family is positive. Weather challenges seem to be occupying the minds of many in the US as wintry storms take their annual swipe across the country. Changes in the atmosphere and climate are of concern, but most are dealing effectively with the rain, mudslides, ice, and snow. The forest fires that ravaged so much of our beloved California have resulted in serious ground erosion and devastating mudslides, and the deep freeze being felt in other locations has made travel treacherous and digging out during blizzard conditions more than a challenge.

It should go without saying, but we send our very best to all affected by these weather events, and urge everyone to do the same. Donating to the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and other reputable charitable organisations such as the United Way can make an important positive impact. If you can, please considering giving. We know it’s right after Christmas…but any amount will help. Click on the links above to visit those charities’ websites – and do check out any and all charitable causes before donating. Thank you!

THIS WEEK…three hours of music to keep us warm (or cool, depending on need!)…

Thursday is known as “music day” at Château Ce Soir. It’s always been the highlight of song and dancing, right from the very beginning six years ago. This week, three of our regularly-appearing musicians will light up the night, and you’re invited to come along for the festivities! At 5 PM SLT, we open with the amazing BAZ – LIVE on stage and rarin’ to go with his exciting sound. Even when the music is mellow, there’s an electricity afoot whenever BAZ is around.  This professional musician/composer/ arranger always comes with a theme in mind – and it’s always amazing and impeccably played.

After that, at 6 PM SLT, contemporary musician ANJ GUSTAFSON lands with his incredible set-up…and set! His range of music is astounding, focusing on some of the finest rock and ballads ever written. ANJ never seems to stop adding new tunes – be they new originals or covers from a growing cadre of outstanding singular artists and groups. His deft guitar, primo work at the piano, and some delightful forays into the sound of the flute come together seamlessly as he explores his favourite genres. With KI leading the singles dancing, you just have to get into the groove! Come on your own or bring someone special – and do request your favourite song!

At 7 PM SLT, the stage is switched out (and they do it so quickly!) to the amazing CHILL musician from Australia: NUVOLINO! This guy knows his genre, and it’s all original! He brings a steady stream of trance and ambient tunes that always have us moving in time to the undeniable beat. He visits the archives for some incredible sounds from his early days and always brings us up-to-the-minute with what’s new and fresh. NUVO infuses his music with so much energy that it literally spills out all over the place! The light show is always stunning…so get your dancing shoes on an come on over!

Truly, you ought to just come on over at 5 and stay for the entire three hours! You will be glad you did! Come start the weekend with us (we have officially given Friday weekend status around here!)…it’s an incredible night!

Remember too, that all of Ce Soir Arts is open to you. Grab the LMs to pop up to the gorgeous wintry escape or delve into the dark side in one of our underground dungeons. The sim is a fascinating place – and the views from Le Phare (the lighthouse) are spectacular! Crave a little mermaid time? Drop down to the Cove…

Come…be inspired tonight!

Welcome to Château Ce Soir…


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