Riveting readings at The Magic Tree – midweek!

This Wednesday, we will enjoy excellent literature, presented by three of our favourite readers: BRYN TALEWEAVER, DUBHNA RHIADRA and ÆON WOODFORD. Each of these three talented readers always bring something special for us to enjoy, and this week is no exception to that. In fact…check the schedule for a hint of the inspiration that awaits!

Master storyteller BRYN TALEWEAVER arrives at 1 PM SLT – LIVE from the UK – to bring us an engaging hour. This Wednesday, he dips into classic literature to share an adventure from The Arabian Nights! This historic collection of tales is cherished around the globe, as it has been built meticulously in various cultures over time. BRYN always chooses his programmes carefully, and this tale will be perfect for his dialect-rich delivery. Come enjoy as we gather at The Magic Tree!

At 2 PM SLT, gifted writer and reader DUBHNA RHIADRA steps to the fore with something very special – a stunning post-apocalyptic fairytale by Sylvia Linsteadt titled Tatterdemalion. This chapter, called Ffion 1650-2198 CE is nothing short of astounding. DUBHNA is always engaging, with soulful and expressive readings that offer listeners a unique literary journey. Her style of reading is reflective of the meaning of the story she is telling, and her grasp of historical tales is obvious. Come relax and enjoy with us!

Wrapping up Storytime at The Magic Tree this Wednesday, ÆON WOODFORD brings us another tale from Ray Bradbury‘s amazing science fiction work The Martian Chronicles. Usher II is a story that reflects Bradbury‘s fascination with Poe‘s Fall of the House of Usher and other works that are evocative of spooky mystery. Sci-fi is a versatile genre, and ÆON is a well-read afficianado who has a deep respect for writers like Bradbury who have proven their mettle over time. Come join us for the space journey and adventure!

Your conveyance to THE MAGIC TREE…see you here!

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