Outstanding music will fill the hall on Thursday this week!

We are very into literature at Ce Soir Arts – and in our private lives in the physical realm as well. We have been missing our Poet Laureate, RUSSELL EPONYM, as he has been on an extended holiday. He truly deserves this break, but we are looking forward to his return at The Magic Tree on Tuesday, 13 February. Put it on your calendar, as Russell’s readings are always truly unique and engaging – and that reading (and one by CALEDONIA SKYTOWER, who will also return to The Magic Tree on that date) will focus on Valentine’s Day and the theme of LOVE. RUSSELL‘s command of the language is singular and his catalogue of works extensive. He reads from a range of writers – from the classics to the more recent, from rich drama to incredible humour. CALE also brings a wide range of delightful stories to her readings, often focusing on the Celtic, as RUSSELL is often wont to do as well. We’ll see you then!

IN THE MEANTIME…there is much to enjoy on the sim! Winter Dreams Art Exhibit will open soon at Côte de la Mer Galerie…another of our private collection showings that we enjoy sharing. But that’s not all! Come enjoy an evening of excellent music at Château Ce Soir this coming Thursday (01 February), beginning at 5 PM SLT. At that hour, BAZ and Band will step to the stage to offer us an hour of what we refer to as atmospheres of sound. He is a professional musician and arranger who brings all his talents – from writing to performance – to bear at every unique show. BAZ plays piano and guitar with finesse and he can deliver an hour of hot rock, cool blues, swingin’ jazz, smooth ballads or even tranquil zen. Come along and enjoy the adventure of BAZ!

At 6 PM, well-known and much-loved musician and vocalist ANJ GUSTAFSON takes the castle by storm. ANJ an KI – who always brings her awesome dance HUD to share – know how to rock a room, and this evening’s set will be no exception. ANJ‘s way with guitar, piano, moog, and flute is truly magical, and his original tunes are very special (my fave is the beautiful love song, Crystal Lake). Covers are exceptional, as ANJ honours the original artists AND makes their songs his very own. It’s much more than charming, and that Southern drawl is a delight!

After all that, Australian musician NUVOLINO drops in to offer us an hour of very cool trance and electronica that takes us way past deep house into something unique and VERY danceable! His original tracks are the perfect energetic wrap on the night, and you’re invited to stay and enjoy with us. The beat is palpable, and the energy undeniable when NUVO is playing. His setup fills the stage and the light show is always stunning, pulsating in time to the music. The whole sim seems to light up as the music is broadcast on stream for all to hear!

Here’s the schedule for THURSDAY – and your ride to Château Ce Soir!

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