Activities continue at Ce Soir Arts…but we need a blog hiatus, due to RL demands. We’ll be back!

Lots is happening for us in the physical realm, so we’re stepping away from the blog for a bit – just to have a bit more time to devote to some major (and mostly, very exciting and happy) changes. Look for our return – sometime in March or April. We’ll keep you apprised before then.

Thank you for understanding – and for being such kind and steady readers! Enjoy the shift from winter to spring in the Northern Hemisphere – and the gaining of cooler weather Down Under. Enjoy the glories of nature (or at least, be relieved that seasonal storms – which have been really striking this year – are over); be well and happy!

Drop in at Ce Soir Arts, any time – and check the schedule board outside Château Ce Soir – or dive into SL Search for dates and times of marvelous poetry and other literary readings; musical shows from folk to rock to electronica; art exhibits featuring drawings, sculpture, and other expressive media; dramatic presentations including plays and vignettes; and much more!

Teleport HERE…and wander! Come, be inspired tonight!

The Main Landing for Ce Soir sim and Ce Soir Arts…

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