Seanchai Library Celebrates 10 Years of Story in Second Life® and Other Virtual Worlds!

Something special is happening at Seanchai Library! Of course, something special is always happening there including an array of outstanding spoken word events. However, this is quite the celebration! The Library has been operating in-world for 10 years this month, and the group is offering a series of happenings to commemorate this achievement. Special events are scheduled 15 – 25 March – 10 days celebrating 10 years of excellence in sharing the best in literature.

Team lead, Caledonia Skytower, has worked with her collaborators to put together an impressive schedule, accessible HERE. Please do yourself a favour and teleport over to enjoy some of the best readings and presentations available anywhere. Readers including well-known talents like Elrik Merlin, Shandon Loring, Dubhna Rhiadra, Corwyn Allen, and Caledonia herself will enthrall audiences with selections especially chosen for these events. LMs and details about each reading are available on the aforementioned schedule page, and even more information is to be found at the Library on Holly Kai. Teleport HERE to have a look around and enjoy the environment they’ve created.

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