Fantasy Faire 2018 starting 19 April!

So much happening for us in the physical realm right now…all of it happy and sweet. But it makes for less time to devote to other things, although we are thriving in-world at Ce Soir Arts, despite the paucity of postings here on the blog. Readings and musical shows go on…and some activity at Dover Beach Theatre too…along with some building and sim fine-tuning in preparation for art exhibits to come soon!

For now, I have a note for you regarding Relay for Life of SL that is starting in earnest this weekend – and the ever-fabulous Fantasy Faire, opening 19 April! The following note from OldeSoul Eldemar, a dear friend at Ce Soir Arts – someone who can always be found supporting fine caring work around the grid – will share the information. Read on – and plan to attend and donate! It’s always incredible fun with marvellous creations from people like the amazing Alia Baroque from Fallen Gods; sim designs from an array of creative folk; and activities of all kinds to enjoy! I’ll post more soon including notes about the annual LitFest that our dear Caledonia Skytower and friends from Seanchai Library will have to share!

From OldeSoul:

Relay For Life of SL starts this weekend. Everything you need to know is here:

Remember that Fantasy Faire will be from April 19th to 29th. Coming to 15 sims near you!! Sooo exciting this year as our funds will be supporting a Hope Hostel in Kenya – everything you need to know is here: or feel free to call on me – OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul) in-world. See you there!

Thank you, OldeSoul! We so appreciate you – and everyone who is involved in this marvellous work.



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