Poet Laureate Russell Eponym reads at The Magic Tree – Cale is busy with LitFest at Fantasy Faire…

It’s Tuesday, and that means an hour of wonder at The Magic Tree with Ce Soir Arts Poet Laureate Russell Eponym. We gather at NOON SLT, so join with us for an hour of enchantment. Russell brings a range of music for us to enjoy, along with outstanding readings of poetry and literature – sometimes from his own pen!

It’s spring at Ce Soir Arts, so join us for a refreshing hour in the garden. CLICK HERE to teleport to The Magic Tree. We will be happy to welcome you!

Usually, on this Tuesday, the gifted writer and reader Caledonia Skytower drops in to share excellent stories – often those with a delightful Gaelic flavour. Some of her presentations involve her own writing, but she has a wealth of readings to share. However, today Cale is busy with LitFest at the 10th Annual Fantasy Faire, supporting Relay for Life of SL. The event is quite special and provides a wide array of enjoyable readings – all within Fantasy Faire realms. Access information by clicking HERE. Learn about the events and attend when you can. Donate what you can, as every L$ matters!

Have a wonderful time – and remember, your donations in any amount are much appreciated by the American Cancer Society and all who benefit from the research & service programmes they offer in the US – and in connection with other organisations in other countries. We all know someone affected by a cancer diagnosis, so let’s relay!

Go! Have fun! Make a difference!

Thank you…
Ǣon & Mireille
Ce Soir Arts
Honouring the memory of: Gordon, Evelyn, Bill
Celebrating the survival of: Dona, Lane, Wanda, Russell
Supporting the fight of: Jason

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