Nuvolino Prepares for Les Vacances…and Anj Gustafson Returns to the Stage Tonight!

TONIGHT is a BIG at Château Ce Soir!

NUVOLINO, the Australian wizard of trance and electronica, will drop in at his new time of 5 PM SLT to download his very cool groove for our listening and dancing pleasure. We always enjoy Nuvoino’s  twice-monthly shows at the Château, but tonight is special, because he leaves for vacation after this show and won’t return until 07 June. We are thrilled for him, as his plans sound fantastic – both adventuresome and restful (which seems like the perfect formula for a wonderful vacation) – but we’ll miss his unique sound and charming banter! Put it on your calendar for June and come enjoy this original music with NUVOLINO once more! You will be amazed as you let the beat move you!

ANJ GUSTAFSON, well-known as one of our virtual world’s top musicians and vocalists, had to miss his last scheduled show at the Château. We are excited as he returns at his usual time of 6 PM tonight! It’s always a treat to have this multi-faceted performer on stage, playing from his extensive repertoire of outstanding contemporary tunes. It’s a fine mix from ELP, Radiohead, the Who and many others. When he delivers one of his own compositions, it’s even more special and the audience loves it! KI always accompanies ANJ, bringing her sweet enthusiasm and a dance HUD that can’t be beat. As a member of the Spirit Light Dance Company, KI shines with her grasp of choreography and dance choices for each song. Put it together with ANJ in his stellar performance and the company of friends, it’s an hour of music and fun! Come on over – we’ll be having a party!

YOUR RIDE – and you know to walk up to the second floor of the Castle. We will be most pleased to greet you!

Château Ce Soir

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