Celebrating May Day and Spring at The Magic Tree this Week!

Winter has finally faded in the Northern Hemisphere, and we are planning a lovely celebration! On Tuesday – May Day – at NOON SLT, the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts RUSSELL EPONYM will bring poetry and song to share. His weekly session at The Magic Tree is always a treat, as he always offers us the most wonderful hour! His Thought for the Day is always something to ponder and is generally uplifting and helpful as well. The music he shares – some of his own, but also marvellous recordings of musicians from across the creative landscape – is enjoyable, to say the least. The stories Russell reads in installments capture our imaginations and have us returning for more each week. Add to that the short tales and poetry that flow from his amazing archives…well, MAGICAL is the word that springs to mind!

And speaking of SPRING…it’s MAY DAY this Tuesday, and Russell will help us usher in the month with delightful readings and music. We have the MAYPOLE up and all are invited to dance and make merry in the glen of The Magic Tree. We do hope you will join us, as you will be welcome indeed! He will be nearing the close of reading The Diddakoi – a fanciful and dramatic tale by Rumer Godden. We can’t wait for that – and to see what’s next!

Maypole at Ce Soir Arts

As soon as Russell wraps his reading, ÆON WOODFORD steps up to read another story from sci-fi great Robert Sheckley. This tale, Warm is one of his more flat-out horror stories, comparatively free of the sardonic cynicism that usually marks his fiction. It’s even got a bit in common with the Lovecraft formula of the man exposed to unfortunate knowledge that drives him mad. Stick around for this 30-minute thrill ride…if you dare!

Then…on Wednesday, Master Storyteller BRYN TALEWEAVER will fly in to share with us some of the wonderful writings of Oscar Wilde. The works of the Irish poet and playwright are riveting reads, and Bryn’s excellent delivery make them even more so. Wilde is best remembered for his epigrams and plays, his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, as well as the circumstances of his imprisonment and early death. Come enjoy with Bryn as he reads both “The Young King” and “The Sphinx without a Secret.” We gather round at 1 PM SLT in spring enchantment at The Magic Tree.

At 2 PM, the wonderful writer and reader DUBHNA RHIADRA brings her enchanting reading style to share with us more from the beautiful post-apocalyptic compendium of faerytales Tatterdemalion. This book of marvellous stories is by author Sylvia Linsteadt, and it is a joy to hear under that special Dubhna magical telling. You just do not want to miss this hour, and we will be happy to have you joining us!
Then, at 3 PM, I (MIREILLE JENVIEVE) will share some of my springtime favourites – two from my own pen. I will display some of my original SL photography as well, so do come listen as I explore in poetic verse the idea of spring as metamorphosis. 
We move to Château Ce Soir for Thursday’s musical treat with RUSSELL EPONYM, who brings us 90 minutes of his wonderful folk, blues, and beyond – LIVE from Wales! We always have a marvellous time, and Russell provides the soundtrack with his fanciful fingerstyle guitar, deft harmonica-playing – and a whole lot more! We have quite a chat with Russell, who streams live from his new studio in Llandudno, Wales. It’s a charming hour-and-a-half of dancing, singing, and friendly banter amongst friends. Do come enjoy with us! It’s spring – so put on your dancing shoes and celebrate!
Below is the schedule…come, be inspired tonight! And please check an earlier posting for information about FANTASY FAIRE, LITFEST, and RFL of SL! The Faire ends soon!
TELEPORTATION:           To The Magic Tree             To Château Ce Soir

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