Thursday at Château Ce Soir – we are gonna rock the house!

Thursdays are always special at Château Ce Soir, and this week (10th May) is definitely not an exception! Read on!

To begin, RUSSELL EPONYM gets the party started with 90 minutes of LIVE folk, blues, and beyond! Join us at 2 PM SLT for this glorious time of music, fun, and friends. We gather each week at this time to enjoy RUSSELL with his velvety voice and intricate fingerstyle guitar. He has several guitars – and each one delivers a unique sound that’s perfect for the song! From the deeply romantic to the delightfully fun, these songs bring us joy. This multi-faceted and quite talented musician has been playing at 2 PM SLT every Thursday (except for vacations) since we opened in January 2012. So come on over and have a good time – guaranteed!

Speaking of vacations, NUVOLINO – who brings cool original electronica to the stage – is away for the month of May. This means that twice this month, we wanted to fill his time slot (5 PM SLT) with something stellar. And you know what? We’ve done it! Read on….

DONN DEVORE has agreed to step in and provide us with an hour of sound that will thrill our ears. His groove involves a powerful collection of original and cover tunes that showcase his professional musicianship. His talents with vocals (oh, my!), guitar and a range of other instruments are legendary. DONN offers his own mix that he as developed by combining influences from classic rock, modern rock, trance and techno. Come enjoy this heady mix – blended with just the right touch of fantasy and dreams. You’re gonna love it! AND…

At 6 PM, another fave – the one-and-only ANJ GUSTAFSON drops in to deliver another hour of powerful sounds that will rock your world! This compelling vocalist and multi-instrument talent brings his own style – a mix of alternative, pop, progressive rock, all with a strong electronica influence. It’s a joyride every time, and the lovely KI always brings her professional dance HUD you can join, if you wish. It’s always a great evening, and we will be happy to welcome you to dance the night away!

See you at Château Ce Soir! Come, be inspired tonight!

Château Ce Soir – by Wildstar Beaumont

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