Tuesday – Spoken Word Rules at The Magic Tree!

If you enjoy literature of any kind, you are in for a treat at The Magic Tree on Tuesday this week. We have readings every Tuesday – and on Wednesday every-other-week. That is our present schedule…but it looks like we might be making some additions over the summer. More on that later…for now, take a look at this!

The Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts offers excellent music and outstanding prose and poetry from his own pen as well as that from classical masters. The Thought for the Day is always encouraging, the literature beautifully read and compelling. We have just started a new book – and it’s another marvellous choice!Satisfy your curiosity and come gather with friends – and enjoy!

“I went to the Faire… and here’s what I wrote” was her topic last time – and we enjoyed it and asked for more! In the unique position of coordinating operations for Fantasy Faire LitFest, Caledonia got to experience first-hand the broad spectrum of literary events. She shares more of her writings today from Fantasy Faires 2016, 2017, and 2018 at The Magic Tree. We will be happy to see you!

A group of aliens, each with their own specific talent, arrive on Earth to complete a task. When one of their members goes missing, however, they recruit – or try to recruit – from the native population to surprising results. Join us as sci-fi afficianado Ǣon reads the “The Specialist” by Robert Sheckley.

It’s going to be a wonderful time today at The Magic Tree. Come, be inspired tonight!

The Magic Tree at Ce Soir Arts

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