Wednesday readings you do not want to miss – 30 May at The Magic Tree

Every-other-Wednesday, we host three of the grid’s talented readers at The Magic Tree. They are unique and provide a range of readings – from the fanciful to the culturally challenging. Here’s what they have on tap for us this time out!

BRYN TALEWEAVER is a favourite at The Magic Tree – and wherever he reads. This Englishman has a command of his readings, and he enriches each one with spot-on dialects and accents. His various voices bring out the characters in the tales he tells, and this week it’s all about GHOSTS from writer M. R. James. It’s thrilling and chilling – but in a unique style.

Up next, DUBHNA RHIADRA, another choice writer and reader, brings us a beautiful fantasy based on Rudyard Kipling’s “Just-So” stories. We hear she may come as one of her lovely tiny avatars; I had to update the photo as soon as I had it! The reading is guaranteed to be a delight, so pop on over and join us!

THEN…sci-fi afficianado ÆON WOODFORD continues his multi-session Tribute to famed writer Ursula K. Le Guin with a marvellous telling of SEMLEY’S NECKLACE. These readings of Le Guin’s science fiction, poetry, and children’s stories are a delight. Her spirit and style will sorely be missed. Fortunately she left us much to enjoy!

Drop on over to The Magic Tree on Wednesday, for three hours of exceptional spoken word. We will be pleased to welcome you!

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