Tuesday brings marvelous readings to The Magic Tree!

The Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, RUSSELL EPONYM, is yet on vacation. He will miss one more reading at The Magic Tree this Tuesday, but will return Thursday to provide us with a marvelous show of Folk, Blues, and Beyond at Château Ce Soir. Do join us at 2 PM.

BUT…this Tuesday at The Magic Tree will be special indeed! Caledonia Skytower will join us at 1:30 PM with an hour of wonderful short stories by Neil Gaiman. His award-winning writing is wonderful to read – and to hear when Cale reads for us. Her command of his work is stellar, and her readings are always special. Do join us!

Then, Æon will read more Robert Sheckley science fiction – ONE SHORT-SHORT story that will rock your world. Beside Still Waters is a stunning piece of literature that is deeply moving and deals with the idea of artificial intelligence, robotics, and travel to remote areas where people can be very, very alone in the vastness of space.

Do join us for these unique readings on Tuesday, HERE.

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