SL15B Draws to a Close…What fun we had!

Every year, we celebrate the birthday of Second Life™. It’s always fun and a way to honour the work of many who beautify and enrich our world with art, music, and exciting and educational experiences. It’s such a vast world now – much larger and more engaging than ever before. Technological advancements have enhanced everything from landscapes to avatars – and everything in-between.

Do you remember your original avatar? Mercy! We remember ours – and I had to dig far back in the archives to find these! Hope you enjoy a little travel-back with us! I could not find our original avatar photos – but I was the little girl with the ponytail, wearing the pink dress with the white polka-dots! It was just a few days before I made friends with a marvelous creator – Lorac Farella – who owned Pulse Skins. She was so kind to me and to AEon…and we looked so much better for years using her creations! We miss her presence here, but hope she and her Bliss-man will return one day! (AEon was just a basic male avatar to begin, but he made a nice transformation with Lorac’s help too!)

Ǣon & Mireille in 2009, just two months after signing up!

So, if you missed it, SL15B regions are still open. Check here for LMs – and GO! Just because you missed the return of SKYE GALAXY, there’s still lots to be enjoyed. (And keep your eyes peeled for some more shows from SKYE. Join his group for the information!)

SKYE GALAXY at SL15B 2018 9
SKYE GALAXY playing at SL15B celebration.

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