Mostly spoken word at Ce Soir Arts this week…summer hiatus has hit!

It’s time for a little more downtime for us. It’s been a very busy year, and now the HEAT in the physical realm has become all but intolerable. YIKES! So…it might be a wee bit quieter this week – but still filled with excellence and enjoyment for all. Do note that the galleries are on summer hiatus until some time in August. There are, however, some sweet summery scenes to be enjoyed at Côte de la Mer Galerie – and some spookiness lingering at Ivy Tower. Stop by and relax with something pretty to view and enjoy!

Summer Rest at Starry Night Island

Tuesday always brings the wonder of sweet readings and music from the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, the inimitable Russell Eponym. He will have much to share this week, as always. He is reading Stig of the Dump by Clive King. It’s a delightful story, filled with moments of intrigue and more! We love it when he reads from Zen Guitar, a book of life instruction by Philip Toshio Sudo; it’s written in segments with quotations from some of the world’s greatest guitar virtuosos – and it’s fascinating. There is usually some classical or modern poetry as well as ideas and ponderings from Russell as he shares his own Thought for the Day. It’s a charming hour and you will be welcome to join us at The Magic Tree – NOON SLT.

Wednesday brings STORYTIME at The Magic Tree, and presently we have three readers joining us, on a fortnightly schedule. However, Dubhna is traveling, and won’t be reading this day. These hours are devoted to fine storytelling from across the literary horizon. This week we have the following:

At 1 PM SLT, Master Storyteller Bryn Taleweaver will read a story about vampires that is bound to garner our attention. His beautiful reading style – complete with an array of dialects – will enliven the story The Lady of the House of Love by prolific writer Angela Carter. Join us for another fascinating hour with Bryn.

Up at 2 PM, we will enjoy another hour with sci-fi afficianado Æon Woodford, who continues his tribute to writer Ursula K. Le Guin. This time, he shares her work Solitude, which examines the differences between cultural generations whilst developing a complex alien world. Individuality above all else reigns…despite the confusion that stems from the common intergenerational conflicts in families. It’s a rich read, so come enjoy!

The Magic Tree…Ready for a Reading!

Thursday will roll around and give us an opportunity to gather at Château Ce Soir to enjoy 90 minutes of superb live music with Russell Eponym! We look forward to this, every week, so come on over and see what all the excitement is about! Russell is a master guitarist with a beautiful and unique fingerstyle that – along with his velvety vocals – fills the hall with magic! Come gather with friends as we dance and chat and enjoy!

Summer Nights at Château Ce Soir

Here’s the schedule – and your rides:           The Magic Tree          Château Ce Soir


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