Relay for Life of Second Life is off and running! Be sure to donate all you can to this important cause!

We have many friends who take an active role with RFL of SL – RELAY FOR LIFE OF SECOND LIFE – with the non-profit support organisation the American Cancer Society. One year, we hosted an art auction and hope to do something like that again. Like many residents, we donate wherever we can – at music venues, shops, and various events around the grid. Relay is fun – and serious business. Likely, you know someone affected by cancer…it might even be you or someone very dear to you. This connection is why we Relay; to support those experiencing the illness and their families – to fund research to find the cures we desperately need – and to celebrate the victories of survivors!

Many people work tirelessly for this very important cause, and we thank them all! Two of our favourites are OldeSoul Eldemar and Wildstar Beaumont, both of whom  put forth great effort through the team Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps. These folks are some of the sweetest, most caring people you would ever like to meet! Talented and spirited, they bring their best to this effort, and their devotion is inspiring! You can donate, and their page is HERE. To learn more about RFL of SL, click HERE!

RELAY this year is coming soon…in fact, the season began some time ago, as teams gathered to plan and develop the regions for the event. The SCHEDULE is HERE! The Opening Ceremony will be at 10 AM SLT on Saturday, 14 July. Attend and start relaying! Purchase Luminaria along the way to honour those you may have lost to the disease and to celebrate those who are joyous survivors. Attend as many events as possible – and please donate! Every L$ matters – and your caring counts! Thank you!

LOGO for RFL of SL 2018

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