Something special – Arrivals & Departures machinima now available for viewing!

This year, during LitFest at Fantasy Faire – that annual event that brings everyone together in support of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life (RFL of SL) – attendees were invited to travel the fairgrounds (all regions) to find inspiration for writing. Poetry and stories were written that have brought much beauty to our world. Under the direction of Saffia Widdershins and committee including Caledonia Skytower, LitFest has indeed become one of the most beloved aspects of the annual Fantasy Faire experience.

As noted, many pieces of writing were brought to life during the event. People wrote reflections on the beauty of the regions, of their meaning and personal impact. Memories were stirred and hopes for the future – one without cancer – were embraced. Each one of these literary creations has meaning for us all – and one very special one has found its way to the cinema.

A wonderfully moving story, written by Caledonia (among many that she and others penned during the event), has been produced as a machinima by the new collaboration, CEH Partners Productions. Caledonia (Judith Cullen) and her partners – Elrik Merlin and Honey Heart – were energised by this amazing story, and put their collective artistic talents to work. The end result of weeks and weeks of brainstorming and exploration is the machinima ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES. It’s a stunning film and the story is richly told in every meticulous frame. Filmed at the gorgeous build – Erstwhile Station – created by the exceptional creative team of Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee, this tale of two journeys intersecting at a critical moment will touch your heart.

You must see it, and to that end, we here provide links to take you there. Please do not miss this opportunity to be moved and enchanted by the magic that is this production – and the wonder it holds. Æon and I were honoured – along with a host of friends including OldeSoul Eldemar (himself a great supporter of RFL of SL in his work with the Tinies community – and beyond) and Wildstar Beaumont (whose legendary artistry is shown in his still photography for the project) – to serve in a supportive capacity. As extras in the film, Æon, I, and OldeSoul had a wonderful time, and Wildstar contributed his talents as well, some of which you can see in the machinima.

Visit the one of these URLs that best suits your computer in order to view this beautiful machinima. Its message of hope and the importance of story in our lives is precious and powerful. Enjoy it, and let Caledonia know its impact. IM her in-world or let us hear from you. It is a joy to share this information. Be blessed by your engagement with this marvellous story! Visit also the blog of Inara Pey for an outstanding article and review of the film at Living In a Modem World to learn more.




The film opened earlier today in Second Life® and is now open for viewing on the web.

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